Eurofly srl plans and builds ultralight from thirty years.

Gionny Baggio, builder and pilot, pick up the experience of his father to realize ultralight, constructed following the best qualitative standards.

Every day the passion and the creativeness in the job have allowed to Eurofly to become a point of reference in the sector.

All the means are realized with extreme care in all particular ones. The careful calculation of the structures handed to have some half dimensioned and light at the same time, using material of quality and realizing cells in steel ALS 500, wings in league 6082 T6s and cart in league 7075 T6s. All this to make them sure in any condition.

Great attention is set to the aesthetical line, cleaning up and spinning that united to the facility of use in flight it sets them among the most manageable and amusing ultralights to pilot. In the years the qualities of flight are always increased, it is test of it the fact of the continuous improvement of the aerofoil and structural and to our desire to always fly to the best.

Customer support

Costumer support is our strong point.


Thirty years of experience to your disposition

the plane you fly say
a lot about you

When I fly I am happy, and I dream to hear a new liberty… the liberty to count on myself, to breathe and to feel a new world.

Gionny Baggio



Our technical office furnishes a direct and qualified assistance helping the client in the choice of the mean and in its correct management.

Our assistance is able to help the client in all the problem list that had to present in the phase after sale, thanks to a thirty years of experience on the field.


Eurofly has an equipped lorry. With this new mean we are able to furnish technical support directly in your hangar.
We can also recover your ultralight and to bring it in our shop in the case there is the necessity of more important interventions.
The service operates in the whole national and European territory!


Eurofly possesses a vast store of exchanges. It is possible therefore to effect any reparation and installation of its ultralight.

It will be our care to recommend the client to the best for any application of installation and substitution of parts of his own aircraft.