We are a sound enterprise that is grown in the years. We started to fly with great dreams in head, until now.

In the 1970s Giuseppe Baggio, strong of a great passion for the flight, experiments the first flights with a Leonardino homebuilt.

Leonardino was an experimental implementation of Rogallo’s wing, that was invented for the re-entry of the spatial aircrafts. it dealt with what we today call hang glider motor and the stability of the mean it was really tied up to the fact that the centre of gravity was very low in comparison to the wing.

The motor was generally that of the “Maggiolino” Volkswagen.

The experience matured by Giuseppe and the desire to create, push him to plan and to realize the first firefox and he based at the end of the years 80 Euroflies srl. Firefox is motive for big satisfaction and the sales in the first years also reach a pair of samples a month.

The company grows up and together with Firefox many other ultralight and many other types of products of the sector ulm is planned.

Team Eurofly

  • Gionny Baggio
    Gionny Baggio OWNER

    Builder and pilot

  • Franco Didonè
    Franco Didonè OWNER

    Technical engineer and installer

  • Giuseppe Baggio
    Giuseppe Baggio FOUNDER

    Designer and Pilot.

Today Eurofly srl is a dynamic firm and is always careful to the demands of the clients and the evolution of the market. The ultralights that we build are realized with a lot of careful in the particular and in the full respect of the safety norms that today the normative  of the world ulm require. Their evolution in the free flight field has in fact stimulated the firm in the search of the most innovative solutions bringing so an optimization of the wings profiles, the choice of best materials and the use of technological solutions to the fore front. The result was a good output in the flight.

That’s why our aircrafts have good performances and elevated reliability.

Establishment and airstrip

The new establishment of over 1100 meters square possesses the offices, the store, the shop and the area showroom.
It is possible to arrive in flight thanks to the footstep of over three hundred meters set beside the establishment.


Footstep coordinates: 45°41’27.9″N 11°44’47.8″E