1. The object of this contract is the sale of the ultralight device identified in Annex A.

The price is determined and agreed in € ………………………………. (……………….. ………………………………… / 00), including options and accessories such as from attached Price List sub Annex A.

Payment must be made according to the following methods indicated in Annex A.

The purchaser is informed and acknowledged that the operating manual is the documents referred to in the French certification (Identification cards – “MINIFOX P Manuel d’utilisation et d’entretien) they are delivered together with the aircraft.

The aircraft is sold in assembly kit, unless agreed between the parties. The Buyer is looking at the appliance presented by the Seller, as well as the assembly / sale of the appliance and its components, finding it is entirely in accordance with its needs in the current state of affairs.

  1. The assembly of the aircraft sold in assembly kit can be carried out by the purchaser and at his sole responsibility.
  2. The buyer must complete the self-certified declaration of compliance of the aircraft with the technical standards equivalent to those set out in the annexes to Law n. 106/85 and subsequent amendments on the form available and downloadable from the Buyer at the Aero Club of Italy, based on the data indicated in the operating manual delivered by Eurofly Srl. Eurofly Srl, in the event that it is commissioned by the buyer to assemble the aircraft, assumes the status of Builder and guarantees the Buyer for the discrepancies and hidden defects of the aircraft that make it unsuitable for the use for which it is intended, in accordance with and for the effects of the articles 855 of RD no. 327/42 and subsequent updates (the so-called Navigation Code) and art. 1667 c.c.; the Buyer will therefore be required to report defects to the Manufacturer by registered mail or registered letter within sixty days of discovery, under penalty of forfeiture of the guarantee, and the eventual action will be prescribed, in any case, in two years from the delivery of the appliance. Transport costs are excluded from the guarantee, which will be charged to the user.
  3. The parties exclude the warranty on the sale of the engine, instrumentation, propeller and ballistic parachute. Eurofly S.r.l. will therefore not be held liable for any damage that the buyer may suffer as a result of defects in the goods indicated. The purchaser must contest the defects and address his claims for compensation directly to the manufacturer (as shown in the manuals attached to the products sold).

For the other components of the aircraft, Eurofly S.r.l. – as a mere Seller – will guarantee the Buyer for the discrepancies and defects that make the goods sold and unsuitable for the use for which it is intended, pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 1490 c.c.; the Buyer will then be required to report the defects to the Seller by registered mail or registered letter within eight days of the discovery, under penalty of forfeiture, and the eventual action will be prescribed, in any case, in a year from the delivery of the aircraft.

  1. The Buyer is required to operate on the aircraft the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance required by national and European legislation, by the uses (determined by the agreements in force between ENAV and AeCI Aero Club of Italy) as well as in particular reported in the operating manual of the aircraft. The aircraft must be subjected to a general overhaul every 200 hours of flight (or every two years). This revision can be carried out directly at the headquarters of Eurofly s.r.l. or carried out in full autonomy.
  2. If the Owner Buyer will take care of the maintenance, he must comply with the instructions in the flight manual for the maintenance of the appliance, the engine, the propeller and the equipment – including the installed avionics -, following the procedures for use provided. Maintenance obligations also include mandatory inspections and replacements, to be noted on the devices required by law (in Italy on the booklet issued by AeCI).
  3. The liability of Eurofly S.r.l. is excluded in the event of failure to perform maintenance as indicated in paragraphs 5 and 6 and / or in the event that maintenance and checks on the efficiency of the aircraft are carried out directly by the purchaser and / or owner or by a third party not authorized by Eurofly S.r.l.
  4. The owner Buyer assumes the legal obligations on the transfer of ownership, which in Italy includes the obligation, at its own expense, to make the present act public through a transcription in the appropriate register, in the forms and with the methods provided for by the articles. 867, 868 and 870 of the Navigation Code, in conjunction with Articles 253 and 256 of the Navigation Code and art. 2657 et seq. c.c., according to the law.
  5. With regard to VDS [1] that are registered in Italy, it will be the responsibility of the Buyer owner to submit the application for registration of the aircraft to the register referred to in art. 5 lett. c) DPCM 20.10.2004 for the circulation of the appliance on the national territory and for any further use thereof. In case of sale of VDS outside the national territory, the buyer assumes the registration and / or registration obligations according to the legislation in force in the destination country.
  6. The Seller acknowledges that the Buyer declares to be in possession of the certificates of suitability, qualifications and qualifications referred to in art. 11 Presidential Decree no. 133/2010, issued by the Authorities and the competent bodies for VDS pilotage.
  7. The buyer is aware that pursuant to the art. 3 Presidential Decree no. 133/2010 the Pilot is responsible for the appliance in compliance with current legislation, and is required, before the start and at each stage of the flight, to ascertain the efficiency of the VDS device and the equipment needed for the type of flight intends to carry out, having to adopt, on the basis of its own skills and knowledge and every other time and place, all the appropriate measures so that the flight does not compromise its own safety and that of third parties. Eurofly S.r.l. therefore declines any responsibility for damages suffered by the owner Buyer and / or by third parties and / or consequences of any nature deriving from an improper use of the appliance sold and / or from its use in contrast with the laws and regulations in force
  8. Italian law applies to this contract. The exclusive jurisdiction is the Court of Vicenza – Italy.